Markdown to HTML in iA Writer

This is a draft written with iA Writer, a markdown editor which will export PDF, HTML, Markdown, and text. “This has smart quotes.” Isn’t that special?

New Topic Header

What shall this be about? Perhaps a bold list:

  • one
  • two
  • three

And now for a backquote. At least it is supposed to be a backquote.

A rule is good too and a highlighted line of text!

How much of this will export to HTML to be posted on WordPress? Shall we see?

iA Writer 14 day trial:

iA Writer markdown guide:


Markdown Plug-In for Windows Live Writer

Markdown Plug-in for WLW

This is a test of a markdown plug-in for Windows Live Writer available on Github. Testing bold. Testing italic.

A Subhead Test

The plug-in provides a markdown editor and a live preview. I suppose this would be useful for people who use markdown extensively in their work. The plug-in can be downloaded from:

note: This plug-in works with Windows Live Writer, but doesn’t seem to be available for Open Live Writer (an open source replacement for WLW)