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Van De Graaf Canon

Van De Graaf’s Canon
Left: Tschichold’s “golden canon of page construction”.
Right: Rosarivo’s construction by division of the page into ninths.
Rosarivo’s method of ninths is equivalent to van de Graaf’s canon.

The following pages were designed with margins based on Rosarivo’s method of ninths which is identical to the Van De Graaf Canon. The trim-size is 6×9 inches and the font body font is IM FELL ENGLISH PRO, an OFL font. The font is 12 point on 15 point leading. The chapter title is Cinzel and the dropped capital is Cinzel Decorative (both OFL fonts). The small cap lead-in is Cinzel 12/15. In the Van De Graaf Canon the combined inner margins of a spread are equal to the outer margins. This page layout was created with Adobe Indesign CS5.

For a 6×9 inch trim-size the width divided by 9 in accordance with Rosarivo’s method of ninths is .66 inches and the height divided by nine is 1 inch. Thus the inner margin is .66 and the outer margin is 2x .66″ or 1.33″. The top margin is 1 inch and the bottom margin is double the top margin or 2 inches.

Above: Margin settings using Rosaviro’s method of ninths in Indesign for 6×9 trim-size print book.
Above: For a 5.25×8 inch trim-size the margin settings would be: Top .89″ Bottom 1.77″ Inside .58″ Outside 1.16″
Kelmscott Press The Nature of Gothic by John Ruskin page layout in accordance with Van De Graaf and Rosarivo method of ninths circa 1851.