5.25″x8″ Interior Book Page

The opening chapter page of a 5.25×8 print book. The font is Cormorant Garamond 12pt on 13.5 pt leading on a measure of 19 picas which allows approximately 55 characters per line. The page margins are calculated with the Van de Graaf canon using Rosarivo’s method of nines. The outer margin is double the inner margin (2/9ths of the page width vs 1/9th) and the bottom margin is double the top margin (2/9ths of the page height vs 1/9th of the page height) For a 5.25×8 book, this works out to top: .88 inch, bottom: 1.76 inches, outside: 1.16 inches and inside: .58 inch. The resulting text area is in the same proportions as the page proportions and the text area height is equal to the page width.