Markdown to HTML in iA Writer

This is a draft written with iA Writer, a markdown editor which will export PDF, HTML, Markdown, and text. “This has smart quotes.” Isn’t that special?

New Topic Header

What shall this be about? Perhaps a bold list:

  • one
  • two
  • three

And now for a backquote. At least it is supposed to be a backquote.

A rule is good too and a highlighted line of text!

How much of this will export to HTML to be posted on WordPress? Shall we see?

iA Writer 14 day trial:

iA Writer markdown guide:


Markdown Plug-In for Windows Live Writer

Markdown Plug-in for WLW

This is a test of a markdown plug-in for Windows Live Writer available on Github. Testing bold. Testing italic.

A Subhead Test

The plug-in provides a markdown editor and a live preview. I suppose this would be useful for people who use markdown extensively in their work. The plug-in can be downloaded from:

note: This plug-in works with Windows Live Writer, but doesn’t seem to be available for Open Live Writer (an open source replacement for WLW)

digital paintings


A Digital painting from 2012


Pixarra TwistedBrush oil brushes

digital paintings

Ghost Town


A digital painting from 2014


Created in Pixarra TwistedBrush 19.05


A Poem For The Masters

I place a barrier that none can pass,
Barrier of the gods, that none may break,
Barrier of heaven and earth that none can change,
Which no god may break,
Nor god nor man can loosen,
A snare without escape, I set for evil,
A net which none can escape, I spread for evil.
Whether it be evil spirit, or evil demon, or evil ghost,
Or evil devil, or evil god, or evil fiend,
Or hag-demon, or ghoul, or robber-sprite,
Or phantom, or night-wraith, or handmaid of the phantom,
Or evil plague, or fever sickness, or unclean disease,
Who has attacked the shining waters of Spicewood,
May the snare of Spicewood catch it;
Or who has assailed the peace of land,
May the land  trap it;
Or any who broke the barrier,
Let not the barrier of the gods,
The barrier of heaven and earth, let it go free;
Or he who does not revere the great gods,
May the great gods entrap him,
May the great gods curse him;
Or he who has attacked the house,
Into a closed dwelling may he be damned;
Or those who circle round about,
Into a place of darkness without escape may they be cast.