Vortexgear Cypher Mechanical Keyboard

After the money losing fiasco of the Akko 3068 from Banggood and vowing to never, ever, ever to buy anything from them, again, I went in search of a comparable 65% mechanical keyboard. There was a vendor on Amazon offering the Akko 3068 for $110 with $10 shipping. Not a good deal since a 3068 is available on ebay for around $80 with free shipping.

I found a Vortex Cypher 65% keyboard on Amazon with Cherry MX Blue switches and a very similar layout to a Akko 3068 for $94 with a coupon for an additional $15 dollars off and free shipping. I thought $79.99 was a good price so I bought it.

A video review from TaeKeyBoards https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCllGwtW6scxAjM28fIgEozg/featured

Like the Akko 3068, the Cypher has no LED backlighting or RGB (a good thing if one wants to write rather than play games). It has a type-c connection port. The case is plastic, but the keyboard feels heavier and better built than the Akko. The stock key caps are laser-etched PBT of good quality, but I replaced them with a set of cherry profile, dye-subbed key caps from Qisan I bought at Amazon.

Unlike the Akko 3068, the Vortex Cypher actually worked when I received it.

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